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A builder that I began my career with told me that the drawings that go out in the field should be as clear as possible and thought of as a set of instructions to the workers building it. This may seem obvious, but, like any other skill,the fundamentals of that skill should never be forgotten.

Today, Greenright Design applies the same principle I learned back then to the work we do today, with a few that we learned along the way. With this, our drawings are produced with the following considerations in mind. We pay attention to the construction details so that the parts and pieces will fit together We use appropriate line weights and shades (this shouldn’t have to be said, but we have seen our share of monotone drawings)

We look at our drawings from the perspective of workers using them; are they clear and easy to read? We look at our drawings from the perspective of owners and clients; do they accurately and clearly reflect the intended design? Do they show that the design objectives are met?

We engage in an extensive review process to insure correctness. We produce professional quality documents. DataCAD and AutoCADWe have produced preliminary, development and construction drawings for a variety of clientele including architects, builders, and developers and our 30+ years in the building industry have given us the knowledge to help your project succeed.